About Me

Welcome to the blog called Theobot. My name is Dennis Sanders and I'm a pastor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been blogging for many years now and decided to start a lectionary blog where I share my musings on the coming Sunday's passages.

Quick things about me, I'm in my 40s, grew up in Flint, Michigan and I'm currently the Associate Pastor at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis. I live with my wonderful partner, Daniel and serve two cats, Morris and Felix.

Why did I name the blog Theobot? Well, it's because I wanted some similarity with another blog I maintain called Questor Pastor. The name Theobot as well as Questor Pastor Well from my love of science-fiction television and being autistic. (I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in 2008.) You can go to the About page over at Questor to learn a bit more about autism and my love of robots. Theobot is basically running on the same theme: a "robot" that likes to think and in this case, think about God.

So, sit back and enjoy!